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Tanjore painting Radha Krishna

 Tanjore painting :The popular rich painting of south India referred to as ‘Thanjavur’ is the indigenous art of Tanjore city of Tamil Nadu and also currently is typically known as Tanjore painting. 

A Thanjavur Painting was by and large made on a material glued over a board of wood (Jackfruit or teak) with Arabic gum. 

The material was then uniformly covered with a glue of French chalk (gopi) or powdered limestone and a limiting medium. 

The craftsman then, at that point, drew or followed utilizing a stencil, a nitty gritty diagram of the principal and auxiliary subjects on the material.

 A glue, made of limestone powder and a limiting medium , was utilized for making the Gesso work.

 Gold leaves and jewels of shifted tints were decorated in chosen regions like points of support, curves, privileged positions, dresses, and so forth. At long last, colors were applied on the sketch.

Notwithstanding the customary subjects, many famous and current subjects and topics are being portrayed in Thanjavur artworks. 

While it is a cheerful improvement that this customary craftsmanship keeps on holding its influence, the shameless commercialisation and absence of style are upsetting patterns.

 In any case, Thanjavur compositions – the style and feel keep on motivating numerous contemporary craftsmen. 

The theme of this painting is Hindu Gods and also Goddesses together with saints. 

The most common include Bal Krishna, Lord Rama, Lakshmi, Lord Balaji , Radhakrishna as well as Ganesha, along with other Gods, Goddesses, saints, and also topics from Hindu mythology. 

These Painting  are in big demand as they are optimal for enhancing pooja rooms, living rooms, hotels, and all workplaces.  An ideal gift for your loved ones on any occasion. 

With the raising need for paintings, the authenticity of the quality of gems and al gold foils is essential. 

Tanjore Painting is the only painting to have EMBOSS on it.  The painting has areas that are ELEVATED from the surface. 

The other feature is the Real Gold Foil used to stick on the EMBOSSED areas – 22 carat gold foil is used. It is made of real gold and it never fades. 

A fake gold foil will have a dark yellow color that fades with time as well as a real gold foil will continue to be the same also after decades.

 The strategy of these paintings required a large amount of willpower and also excellence from artists. The creation of an artwork is considered a spiritual job, to be carried out with a routine parity. 

These paints were made in various sizes depending upon the feature, subject as well as a selection of the client. Tanjore paintings made on a canvas pasted over a slab of wood with Arabic gum tissue. 

The canvas was then evenly covered with a paste of French chalk powder. The artist then draws or traces an in-depth overview of the primary and also subsidiary topics on the canvas. 

Gold leaves as well as gems of different hues are placed in chosen locations like pillars, thrones, outfits, jewelry, etc. Lastly, colors are utilized to offer it a vibrant impact except for faces. 

 Painting faces are made with skin color tone.  Paintings have a magnificent palette of vibrant reds, blues . 


 These paintings are notable for their precious and semi-precious stones as well as relief work which provides a three dimensional effect.

 As the art for  gorgeous looking temples were being constructed by the rulers of various dynasties, the paintings were mostly consisted of Gods and Goddesses .

Following the tradition, our artisans paint the portrays in which figures are large and faces are round and divine. 

Owing to their outstanding craftsmanship, our artists can provide the paintings as per the specifications of our clients. 

 To beautify your home décor . Our Tanjore painting are best suited for all wall art decor includes pooja rooms,  home-decor ,Offices, temples ,hotels , restaurants, galleries, exhibitions, hospitals, schools, colleges, institutes etc